Game Assembly Classroom in Unity 5

Back in April I began learning Unity 5's new features, and put my classroom scene from February into the engine. Here's the results!

You can run the Unity project in-browser here. You'll need the latest Unity Web Player and if you're running Chrome, you'll need to enable the 'Use NPAPI' flag because Google is a harsh beast. (Update: As of September 2015, NPAPI support is no longer available in Chrome unfortunately.)

The Game Assembly: TA Classroom

The Game Assembly is an academy that teaches game production in Malmö, Sweden. In January I went in for a trial day, where I decided to recreate the room around me in Maya. I spent eight hours modelling and taking photos for textures. Here's a Mental Ray render of it!

Also threw in a PS4 later for good measure:

International Space Station: Destiny Module

I may or may not have become space-obsessed recently! Here's a render of the US Lab "Destiny" on the ISS. The majority of the modelling took 3 days, and I added little details like unique express racks and props during the rest of the month whenever I had free time.
(Maya, Mental Ray & Photoshop)

Source Tutorial #6: Material Creation

Ever wanted to import your images as Source materials? Here's how!

Official Valve Developer Community tutorial Link opens in new window
Reflective materials tutorial Link opens in new window

Note: When I say its width and height must be a power of two, I mean 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, or 2048. The width and height do not need to be the same.

Operation Metro in Source

Today I spent about five hours nailing down a section of Operation Metro from Battlefield 3 in the Source Engine. Here's what I ended up with.

The Stanley Parable released on Steam

The Stanley Parable is a game by Galactic Cafe.
The Stanley Parable is not a game by Galactic Cafe.

See my work page, where I've included the additional level design I contributed to it in a new entry (spoilers!).

The Stanley Parable on Steam Link opens in new window