The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is an exploration of story, games, and choice made by Indie group Galactic Cafe. At one point in the game, the game's Narrator can become fed up of the player's character 'Stanley' ruining his story - so he takes Stanley out of the game and puts him into a fresh game of Minecraft (by Mojang). After obtaining the necessary permission I was given the go-ahead to create, from the ground up, a world styled exactly like Minecraft - built in the Source Engine.

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The Stanley Parable went on to be nominated for four BAFTA Games awards, as well as Best Independent Game and Best PC Game in the 2013 VGX Video Game Awards, and received three Honorable Mentions at the 15th Annual Independent Games Festival. On October 17th 2015, exactly a year after its release, it achieved one million sales.

Big Island

Big Island is a maximum-size map Mattias Westphal and I created for Garry's Mod to suit many kinds of survival and player-versus-player gamemodes. I lit the level while Westphal optimised it; both he and I worked on terrain, mesh and material creation. The map was completed in exactly two months and is available for download via the Steam Workshop, where within four months of becoming available it had amassed over 100,000 active subscribers and became the 12th highest rated map for the game - by Autumn 2015, it reached quarter of a million subscribers.

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Air is a relatively small city-like environment, based on the mechanics and visual style of Mirror's Edge. I created it to provide a programmer friend of mine with a useful, diverse testbed for her freerunning game mode, while using the opportunity to continue improving my technical and artistic skills and develop the visual language of my work.

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